ProCo Rat guitar overdrive distortion pedal (VINTAGE MOD)

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 Phoenix, AZ

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• Boss ME-70 or ME-80 multi effect guitar pedal
Musical Instruments & Gigs (Like New Condition)

We all want the original white-face rat pedal from the 1980's with the LM308 IC chip that sells for $800. But that's a big pill to swallow. Well, this is as close as you will get to it without breaking your bank. This started as a Turbo Rat, but I pulled out the cheap IC chip and added a socket and vintage correct LM308 chip.

Now the other difference between the normal rat and turbo variant are the clipping diodes; the turbo rat uses leds which has a smoother clipping. I installed 2 switches to toggle both clipping sides as well as vintage correct clipping diodes. The bottom line is you can have the circuitry and sounds of the vintage white face, or toggle to led clipping for smoother overdrive and more volume to act as a boost.

PS: In fantastic condition. I am not a gigging musician, so this pedal has never left my house. It was bought new, was barely used, and has been in a smoke free home.
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