Canon 7D Mark-ii DSLR camera body

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This body was hardly used, and doesn't have a single scratch on it. I had bought it new, and I don't think I even hit 2,000 shutter activations on it. This model is good for 200,000 activations, so it's barely broken in.

In case you are new to this model, it's a bigger weather sealed body from the 5D line which uses a crop sensor instead of a full frame sensor, and is meant for wildlife and action photography. It has dual card slots, and is also equipped with not one, but 2 DIGIC 6 image processors for incredibly fast and accurate auto focusing (the autofocus is inherited from the flagship Canon 1D). The reason for using a crop sensor in this line is to extend lens reach; a 100-400mm lens with the 1.6x crop factor will actually give you 160-640mm reach.

All the sample pictures here are by me, using this 7D Mii body (and a 100-400mm lens).

I am including the body, original box, battery, and wiring harness for video processing.

PS: This one also includes the W-E1 Wi-Fi Adapter (it's actually a cool wifi module that is shaped like an SD card, and simply sits in one of the 2 SD card slots)
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