FiiO E12A Mont Blanc Headphone Amp & DAC

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If you are a serious audiophile, you will appreciate this setup. I am offering a great headphone amp in mint condition, and will also include a DAC as well as all cables in the pictures (even the fiber optic line). The amp itself feels very solid and high quality in your hand.

The amp:
The E12A is a special edition version, and is designed around a better performance Op Amp and Buffer combination. If you're concerned about output ability to drive more power hungry IEM's or headphones, I'm using this amp with Shure SE846's on Low Gain and max out at about 50% output. The bass boost is focused at a narrower sub bass band and doesn't drown out the mid-range and highs. It's just about as perfect an amp as you could ask for.

The DAC:
The best thing about digital audio you didn’t know about! The FiiO D3 is a quick and easy way to convert digital audio output into high fidelity stereo analog sound. It is ideal for interfacing between modern digital audio/video devices with analog amplifiers. Built-in high-performance phase locked loop PLL - WM8805 ultra low jitter digital receiver - Supports up to 192KHz/24bit audio signal - Optical and coaxial inputs.

Some online specs for the E12A amp
- Designed around the MUSES02 by MUSES, the audiophile semiconductor division of New Japan Radio Co Ltd, coupled with an LME49600 buffer
Achieves <0.0003% distortion and an increased signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB
- 22V high voltage supply with 850mW maximum output power for larger headphones
- Type: portable Headphone AMP
- Out-Put Impedance:<1 O
- Output power: >420 mW (16 O/THD+N<1%)
- Headphone Impedance Range: 16-300 O
- Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
- Signal/Noise Ratio: 0.003%@1KHz
- THD: <0.005% (1 kHz)(line out)
- Dimension: 14.5mm (D) X 65,5mm (W) X 124mm (H)
- Battery life: >20 Hrs
- Charging Time: <3 h
- Weight : 166g
- Input: 3.5mm
- Output: 3.5mm
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