Boss ME-50

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 Phoenix, AZ

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$150 or trade:
• Boss ME-70 or ME-80 multi effect guitar pedal
Musical Instruments & Gigs (Like New Condition)
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There's a reason why this older ME-50 is harder to find - folks who own them are keeping them! For me, advantages this older ME-50 has over the ME-70 is more than twice the Overdrives/Distortions (I'm a Pro-Co Rat fan at lower gain before it breaks-up, and I actually like the ME-50 emulation more than my actual individual Rat pedal with the vintage LM308 chip). You also get a bass knob on the od/dist side that disapeared on the ME-70, and it is very usefull (nice to add a touch of bass on a Tube Screamer). Also, the Accoustic simulator (combined with a touch or compressor) does a fantastic job of making your electric sound like an accoustic (again, this is simply missing from the new ME-70).

It's in great shape, and every single knob/feature works just like when it was new.
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