1998 Hayes Mag HFX G1 mountain bike disk brake set (F&R)

Sports & Outdoors, Exercise, Cycling
Condition: [B] Light Wear (Vintage)
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 Phoenix, AZ

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$150 or trade:
• 2016 or 2017 MacBook Pro 13” 500GB minimum
Computers & Parts (Like New Condition)
I am fine with either the Touch Bar or non-touch bar models, but would prefer 16GB of ram.
• Bose 601 Series II or III
Electronics (Light Wear Or Newer)
I’m looking for a pair in good condition. I would be ok if the drivers are not original.
• Lightweight hiking or camping gear
Sports & Outdoors, Exercise, Cycling (Medium Wear Or Newer)

So you are into retro mountain bike rebuilds, or feel like adding a cool flair to your mountain bike? Check out these barely used Hayes hydraulic set that I personnaly bought in 1998, and they have less than 2 hours of ride time on them! The pads are the original, and are barely broken in.

This is a typical story where I got into heavy mountain biking in the late 1990's, built a "no expense spared" free rider bike, but immediately got a job offer and moved a week after finishing my new bike... two decades passed, and I just found my old/new bike in my attic. They are dusty, but basically new. I also included a picture of set currently listed on eBay for over $600, just to give an idea of their value for collectors... They were, after all, the first mass-produced hydraulic brakes that revolutionized the mountain bike scene.

PS: I would recommend a rebuild kit (the Hayes G2 rebuild kits fit them), which is roughly $20... I currently ride XT & XTR Trail disk brakes on my current bikes, and the old Hayes had more stopping power.
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