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Fender Telecaster custom full relic (looks old/beat-up), but has no actual fret wear, a trick 5-position switch (one of the extended positions actually rolls off the bass from the neck pickup instead of highs), and great sounding cloth-wrapped pickups (with bass pickup poles) & brass plated bridge pickup. This is like and old faithful dog or an old pair of jeans that will get under your skin.

This is a highly modified MIM Fender, not a US model, but the work was performed with an actual luthier (it is not a hack job). We studied what made vintage Tele’s & Strats stand out, and realized that the very thin paint on the vintage Fenders let more wood tone come through. Also, since pickups were manually wound back then, some were a tad milder, and some a tad warm… so paying top dollars for vintage Fenders sometimes get you a hotter instrument, but often you get an average one, or a mild one.

We decided to use a MIM Tele as a test bed, and see how far we could push it to bring out the natural wood tones. We nailed the slightly hot pickups to push tube amps just right, tricked out the electronics Tricked-out 5-way switch (1: neck; 2: neck and bridge; 3: bridge; 4:neck and bridge wired to run as 1 humbucker; 5:neck with tone knob cutting lows instead of highs), and gave it an old bruised bar fighter look.

If you want a guitar that you might never match the tone in years to come (even if you pay a few thousand more) this is a worthy choice. If you only plan on re-selling it soon, you "might" not get your money's worth. I am putting this trade on the table because I haven’t touched a guitar since 2015 (no time). Out of all my guitars, this is my guitar that has the lowest cash value (compared to my Les Paul Classics, etc), but at the same time, it is a 1-off, unique, and is my best sounding guitar. This is also the one I will struggle the most to part with.
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