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Condition: [A] Like New
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Their Wishes
$2,000 or trade:
• Fender Bassman Reissue amp
Musical Instruments & Gigs (Medium Wear Or Newer)
Or anything along those lines...
• Fender Strat or Tele guitar (US, not MIM)
Musical Instruments & Gigs (Like New Condition)
I am also fond of vintage / relics.
• PRS guitar (no SE models)
Musical Instruments & Gigs (Light Wear Or Newer)
I would prefer minimal fret wear.

Any collectors out there with an appreciation for craftsmanship? Research (and communication with Fender's Customer Relations) identified this as a unique pre-production prototype.

Quote (from Fender Musical Instruments - Consumer Relations): "... Thanks for the Charvel pictures. This does look to be a pre-production proto that was built as the design before releasing the model that you see in the market today. The guitar that you have in the pictures looks to have a maple neck and ebony board which isn’t on the models that we are producing. Also, you have black hardware as opposed to nickel hardware. Super cool axe!..."

High quality material & strong craftsmanship are evident. This is a rare/unique prototype that was hand made by expert luthiers of Fender/Charvel, and was most likely used to drive the production models of the Charvel Desolation.

Obviously, to be cost effective, the production runs are significant downgrades from this unique prototype (these are usually no-stop builds to impress boards of directors and convince them on the idea of turning it into a production model).

It's hard to describe the craftsmanship, high grade materials, and playability of this guitar - the instrument speaks for itself... from the 24 fret ebony fret board, to hand carved top & body, hand carved abalone inlays and bindings, as well as wood selection for the neck through body design (many of these features never made their way into the production runs). The action is fantastic, and humbuckers are wired with switchable phase inversion and coil split to give you the option of running them as single coils (Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz for neck, and a SH-14 Custom-5 for bridge). This instrument has barely been played, so absolutely no scratches or fret wear.

Note: This is not a light guitar, but made of dense wood, and it has a Les Paul feel as far as sustain goes.

As much as I love looking at it, I'd prefer trading for something I would not feel guilty playing on.

Obviously with this trade, I will not be interested in lower end entry models, but higher end quality, and would also not be interested in a guitar with noticeable fret wear.
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