Our Mission

Build a barter site to surpass classified sites, with a  Trade-Matching engine & safety measures (Ratings + A.I.) to protect you.
Connect: Your  Posts Other's Wishes Their Posts Back to your  Wishes
Strong multi-level user rating platform, as well as Artificial Intelligence monitoring
Built-in messaging center for your privacy & ability to end conversations anytime
Meet the next generation of intelligent flagging (mouse-traps for malicious flaggers)
Free to post!

 Powerful Engine

Patented technology that will change how we buy / sell / trade...

Forget what you know about classified sites; It has been re-invented! People realized there was nothing helping them 'match' their  Posts with items they would consider in trade (their  Wishes).

Ever wondered what you could get as a trade for your old guitar? How about trade suggestions to help you get that camera you're looking for? UTradeIt connects the dots for you.

Example 1:  What could I trade to get a camera?
My Wish (Camera)    My Posts
Their Posts    Their Wishes
 Result :  List of items you could trade-up for the camera you want.
Example 2:  What can I get for my guitar?
My Wishes    My Post (Guitar)
Their Posts    Their Wishes
 Result :  List of items you could take in as a trade for your guitar.

  Safety - A.I. Monitoring

We would like to introduce you to DANA, our AI (Artificial Intelligence) monitor.

She represents a new generation of Artificial Neural Network implement that is capable of learning from peoples behaviors, thus providing an enhanced level of security to protect you. She can even detect a malicious user, ban them, and retract all negative reviews that user left for others!

Communitiy based rating platform, where you rate others from multiple angles

Ability to rate users at multiple levels (Polite or rude? Product as described? Exchange meeting pleasant or strange?) People constantly setting up apointments and not showing up will have poor ratings to serve as warning flags.

Safety guard against posts getting flagged for no reasons

If someone flags posts simply to eliminate their competition, DANA will automatically detect the behavior and block the flag (and potentially ban the user).

 Your Privacy

Built-in messaging center for your privacy. No one sees your email, and you have the ability to end conversations anytime. Automated conversation closure when you trade/sell items.

We do not share your contact info with other users. (You are in control)
We do not use or your email address for spam or advertising.
We do not re-sell personal information like some sites do.

 Free to post!

We will keep this site running strong without relying on advertisement (which ends up using your bandwidth & wasting your time).

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