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1973 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser
$7,000 or trade for:
 Jeep Wrangler (CJ7, YJ, TJ)
Photography services and Prints
$150 or trade for:
 2015 Macbook Pro   more..

Our Mission

"Your wishes are my posts!"

UTradeIt is the revolution of classifieds. We have combined a “classified” site with a “bartering” engine, allowing you to buy, sell... or trade!

It improves on the old “post and pray” model with a powerful Trade-Matching engine to connect your posts with other users’ wishes. It also protects the community with Artificial Intelligence security monitoring and a multi-stage user reputation system.


AI - Dana

 Safety:   DANA represents a new generation of Artificial Intelligence capable of learning from peoples behaviors to provide an enhanced level of security. She can even detect malicious users, ban them, and retract their negative reviews!

Trade Pool

 Powerful technology:   UTradeIt will change how we buy/sell/trade. Beyond getting cash, imagine a trade-matching engine that matches your posts with other users wishes, and returns you a list of everything you could get in trade.

  My Story

UTradeIt was born the day my family got scammed...

After a few years of short vacations due to workload, my wife and I decided to dig deep and have a real vacation. We both were in desperate need to recharge, and our kids deserved a great beachfront break.

What was supposed to be a beautiful vacation home rental on the coast of California ended up leaving me and my family with no vacation home and no funds. Imagine realizing, with all your luggage in tow, the property you rented was not even up for rental. I vividly remember those big tears swelling up in my young daughter's eyes.

We were victims of a Craigslist scam.

After years of enterprise software development, I spent the following 2 years building UTradeIt. This is my gift for those seeking a safer trading environment, built around a powerful (and patented) Circular-Trading engine.

I dedicate this venture to my wonderful wife and my two beautiful children. DB.

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